Patek Philippe ref. 5320G Perpetual Calendar Good Quality Leather Strap Replica Watches UK

Heritage is here to stay. What started as a trend intended to appeal to the hard core of collectors has slipped into the mainstream, and somewhere along the way it became a key pillar in major brands’ release strategies. In 2007 it was very much novelty, now it’s the new normal.
Case in point is Patek Philippe’s hero model fake watches of 2017 – the 5320G Perpetual Calendar, an undeniably handsome take on a very Patek complication. The 5320G is not a remake of a particular vintage reference (though it does bear a striking resemblance to the ref. 3448); rather it’s a melange of mid-century design codes, neatly combined in a 40mm white gold, retro-modernist package.

Leather strap Patek Philippe replica watches UK.

Most of the attention heaped upon the 5320G has focused on the dial, and it’s easy to see why. The layout is balanced, with day and month apertures at the top, and a moonphase display and pointer date at the bottom. The functions at six are flanked by relatively discreet portholes displaying day/night and leap year indicators respectively. Aside from that the dial is a very warm ivory or cream colour, paired with applied black gold Arabic numerals and syringe-style hands.

Both hands and numerals are filled with Super-LumiNova Patek Philippe replica watches , and the whole package is topped off with a plexi-evoking glassbox sapphire crystal. If you’re looking for nits to pick, you could object to the fact that the pure white calendar discs don’t match the dial colour (certainly given the RRP, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask), or the fact that the dial is lacquer instead of enamel. But all this doesn’t take away from just how stunning the 5320G is on the wrist.
For me the real star is the case, specifically the lugs. Triple-stepped and gently curving, this Deco design touch is perfection. Add to these lugs the broad bezel and middle as seen from the top down, and the slightly recessed crown, and there’s no denying that Patek has perfectly captured their history in this piece. 40mm is quite big for this style of watch, and I think 38–39mm would have been a sufficient size upgrade. Having said that, 40mm will be perfect for many wearers. Interestingly enough, the case is actually a single piece of gold, something that surprised me after having held the watch in my hands – I would have thought it had a more complex multipart construction.

Limited edition Patek Philippe fake watches UK.

The 5320G is powered by the calibre 324 S Q Patek Philippe replica watches UK, the first time the base 324 has had a perpetual module popped on top. Power reserve isn’t massive, at around 40–45 hours, but the finishing, as with all things Patek, is superb.

Patek Philippe 5396 Annual Calendar Moonphase Series White Gold Replica Watches UK

There is something intrinsically ornate about annual calendars like the Patek Philippe 5396 series replica watches UK. While a QP (quantième perpetuel, French for perpetual calendar) is arguably the ultimate date complication, the annual calendar can be executed in a more aesthetically pure fashion, unencumbered by the need to display that pesky year indicator. There is an undeniable appeal to an annual calendar, an X factor that seems well-suited to a dressy watch with an old-school charm. Maybe the annual calendar has less to prove than a QP, having enough chill to just let February be itself… And speaking of chill, after yesterday’s Nautilus 40th Anniversary releases, which have caused quite a stir, let us now indulge in the tranquil beauty of this quintessentially Patek dress watch, the reference 5396.

Leather strap Patek Philippe fake watches UK.

Annual calendars come in many shapes and sizes, from the stealthy and modern MIH Watch to more old-world examples from IWC, A. Lange & Söhne, and of course, Patek Philippe leather strap fake watches UK. Even within Patek, they offer something of a spread, from the more youthful 5960 (hands-on) to the downright sporty Nautilus 5726 as well as this decidedly classic Patek Philippe 5396, which is new for 2016 in both white (5396G-014) and rose gold (5396R-012).
These “wrong-only-once-a-year” annual calendars are a great example of just how well this complication suits a watch of minimal modernity. The Patek Philippe 5396 measures 38.5mm wide on a matte black alligator strap for the white gold or a brown alligator for the rose gold version. Water resistant to 30m and fitted with sapphire crystals front and back, the Patek Philippe 5396 feels really special. Like a Patek should, I suppose.
Powered by Patek’s 324 S QA LU 24H/303 movement, the Patek Philippe 5396 offers hours, minutes, seconds, a numeric date, moon phase, day, month, and a 24-hour display encircling the moon phase. This automatic calibre employs 34 jewels, ticks at 4Hz and offers a max autonomy of 45 hours.

High quality Patek Philippe fake watches UK.


With a beautiful charcoal gray sunburst dial for the white gold Patek Philippe  copy watches and a shining silver opaline dial for the rose gold, the Patek Philippe 5396 is tightly packed but offers a welcome dial symmetry, its many displays arranged along the vertical center of the dial. Surrounded by a subtle minute track and a truly beautiful use of applied Breguet numerals, the Patek Philippe 5396 draws a line through Patek’s unmatched lineage, nodding to past models like the 565 and 5370 Split-Seconds.e

Fratello Friday: My Top 5 Moon-Phase Watches

Regular readers of my “Fratello Friday” posts know that I’m a sucker for Omega’s Speedmaster Professional, a.k.a the “Moonwatch.” Today’s post, however, concerns a different type of “moon Breitling replica watches,” namely the type with a moon-phase indicator.

Yes, the moon-phase is a complication that I find totally useless, from a practical standpoint. However, from an aesthetic standpoint, it is also one of the nicest complications a wristwatch can have, in my humble opinion. I might even prefer it to an openworked dial with a view of a tourbillon cage, though I realize I might be alone in this.

A moon-phase complication simply brings a watch’s dial to life. The (usually) blue or black disks, with an elegant gold moon on them, are just awesome to glance at every now and then, especially when the sunlight catches them as you’re driving your car or sitting in your living room.

There are a lot of latest Breitling replica watches with moon-phase indicators out there, ranging from fairly cheap to only affordable by a privileged few. As complications go, it is accessible to a wider range of watch enthusiasts than some others. For this list, price, materials, and availability were not factors. I just picked what I liked best.

1. Arnold & Son – HM Perpetual Moon

One of the brands that surprised me the most this year was Arnold & Son, with its beautiful collection of classical-looking watches that would suit a gentleman in his seventies as well as a young executive in his thirties. The moon disk on the HM Perpetual Moon is relatively large and enables Arnold & Son to put a very large Moon on it. The moon on the moon disk is hand-engraved and made from either silver or gold, depending on the version you choose. More about this watch can be found here on Fratellowatches.

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon - dial cu

2. Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar

Although this watch’s name doesn’t immediately reveal the presence of a moon-phase complication, but its inclusion makes sense, since we built our calendar around the moon. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar has a beautiful moon-phase indicator at 6 o’clock, one element of this timepiece’s calendar complication. The watch includes day, date and month indicators in addition to the moon-phase. It is a very flat watch, with an elegant diameter of just 39 mm. More information about the JLC Master Calendar can be found here on Fratellowatches.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar - reclining

3. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726/1A

How Patek Philippe arrives at its reference numbers remains a big mystery, but one thing is certain: the Nautilus Ref. 5726/1A is an incredibly sporty moon-phase Patek Philippe replica watches! Like the Jaeger-LeCoulte Master Calendar, it has day, date, and month indicators as well. Patek’s in-house Caliber 324 serves as a base movement for these extra features.  This model was introduced in 2012 as an addition to Patek’s already impressive lineup of Nautilus watches. More about these new Patek Philippe 5726/1A models can be found here on Fratellowatches.

Patek Philippe Ref. 52761A

4. Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonphase

Is this the best of both worlds — the Moonwatch with a moon-phase indication? Purist fans of the Speedmaster Professional might get a bit nauseous when seeing all these variations on the original Moonwatch, but I certainly like it. The fourth subdial at 12 o’clock on the Speedmaster Professional Moonphase shows the date and moon-phase. In the past, there have been several variations on this watch (white gold, broad-arrow hands, et cetera) but this model comes closest to the original Speedmaster design, in my opinion. Click here for more on Speedmaster watches with a moon-phase.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonphase - reclining

5. Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Quantième Lunaire

Another Jaeger-LeCoultre? Yes. The JLC Duomètre à Quantième Lunaire is one of the nicest introductions in recent years by Jaeger-LeCoultre, in my opinion. I would need much more space to explain precisely how the watch’s “Dual-Wing” concept works, but the main thing to know is that one barrel is dedicated to precision timing while the second barrel is dedicated to the other functions on the dial. This Duomètre is a very complicated Breitling replica watches uk, able to display the moon-phase for both hemispheres.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Quantieme Lunaire - reclining

Harry Winston – Midnight Diamond Stalactites Automatic 36mm

The House of Harry Winston continues melting women’s hearts with its new Midnight Collection ladies timepieces, elegantly Breitling replica watches adorned with an astonishing diamond stalactite motif. The enchanting Midnight Diamond Stalactites present a fitting addition to the extraordinary lineage of precious Midnight creations. This year, time has suspended its light and water has frozen over.

Top-flight gemsetting

Building on its gemsetting expertise,Harry Winston designers established a unique rhythm to recreate the random appearance of frozen ice found only in nature. For the rose gold model, in-house artisans delicately set the dial with round brilliant diamonds, depicting splendid stalactites. The white gold model features a fancy arrangement of sapphires and diamonds that perfectly complements the graded shades of the dial.

The exquisite charm of mother-of-pearl

Harry Winston’s Midnight Diamond Stalactites are adorned with a delicate and ever-changing mother-of-pearl dial, perfect for the face of a feminine Patek Philippe replica watches. The gentle hues of the Tahitian mother-of-pearl and shimmering white mother-of-pearl beautifully accentuate the radiance of the precious stones and highlight the exquisite delicacy of the design.

A new case for the Midnight collection

Midnight Diamond Stalactites, like the House’s Premier and Ocean Collections, appear in a 36-millimeter case. A first for the Midnight Collection, this new case size maintains the precision and seamlessness of its predecessors, while revealing an intimate forest of stalactites that at once radiates both strength and fragility.

Midnight Diamond Stalactites is driven by a mechanical automatic movement equipped with a silicon balance-spring. The dial, case and lugs sparkle with 245 brilliant-cut diamonds on the Breitling replica watches uk rose gold model, while the white gold variation is set with 110 sapphires and 135 brilliant-cut diamonds.