Kelly Slater With 1:1 UK Top Replica Breitling Watches Reckons There Are More Surfers In The World Than Golfers

“Sometimes when I’m competing, I try to weigh up how much time I have to get a score,” the legendary surfer Kelly Slater tells us. “I look at each swell as a period of time and just know.” Earlier in the year in February, on the way to one of Slater’s best ever career wins, one of those moments occurred at Pipeline in Hawaii. Turning 50 in a matter of days, the 11-time surfing world champion found himself needing a decent wave to progress through to the next round of the Pipe Masters.

“I looked at my AAA UK Breitling replica watches and saw there was 45 seconds left. I knew that there was three waves coming and the third one looked like the biggest one. So I paddled out a little way, so that I had gained myself a few seconds. It was 14-second periods that day, which is actually better for the type of wave I was looking for, so I just knew I was going to have a couple seconds to stand up,” Slater adds.

When the wave eventuated, there were three seconds left of the heat. Slater paddled in, stood up, and rode a winning wave into the shore. Days later, he was crowned the winner of the Pipeline Masters 2022, much to the surprise and delight of the surfing community.

To celebrate the special-edition of high quality fake Breitling Superocean Automatic 42 Kelly Slater watches (only 1000 pieces, it’s part of a new Superocean collection), we caught up with Slater to talk about the importance of time to him, and find out what the inspiration was behind this watch’s eye-popping orange dial and a military-green rubber strap.

When was the first time you remember wearing the best replica Breitling watches in the water?

In early grade school, I remember I had this perfect Breitling copy watches that had a little video game on it, maybe a little Pacman or something. I thought it was so cool, and there was a computer on it too, so it was almost like I could cheat in my maths class. But for the water, by the time I was about 10 I started to wear a watch because of competition. We’d time our heats, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes in the water so I got used to wearing a watch as a young kid.

Is it fair to say that telling the time serves a greater importance to surfers than, say, other sportspeople?

Definitely, it’s been so bred into me, those short periods of time, that and the distance between waves. Those types of things have allowed me to have an internal stopwatch, so I can pretty well closely tell you every minute or five minutes how long it’s been, and if I’m counting waves it’s clockwork, because generally you have somewhere between 10 and 15 seconds of time period in the interval between waves. If it’s 15 seconds, there’s four waves every minute, that’s 20 waves every five minutes – you can really do the math that way.

How many watches have you lost in the ocean?

A couple, for sure. When I won my fifth World Title in the late ’90s, I was given a watch that was a very expensive, a very nice luxury watch. I was surfing on Maui [Hawaii] and I didn’t know how to drive a jet ski. I was just a total novice at the time so a friend of mine took me out on a not very big day, but he just was going to give me the first-time 101 breakdown. I had this Swiss movements Breitling replica watches on and the clasp came off and I thought, oh, that’s not good, so I took it off and put it in the jet ski holder. Then I was driving the ski and  got caught by this wave and it hit me from the side, I got Bucking Bronco’d sideways. It flipped and that little drawer opened up and I lost the watch. Aside from that, I lost a few other watches when I was younger but the way they used to make the watches back then, there’d be just these really weak pins that would hold the band on. And so the band would remain, but the pins might break and the top super clone Breitling watches will fly off.

You’ve been an integral part of Breitling’s Surf Squad with Steph Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbon for a few years now. Back to front this new Superocean campaign, what is it about replica Breitling watches wholesale that you particularly like?

Breitling have just remained true to themselves. They haven’t gone chasing after the digital era of fake Breitling watches online site. There’s a thorough line in their design from the very beginning and they throw back to that in each of the watches we’ve worked on; there’s always a throwback to an earlier time. They know who their customer is and what those people love, so it’s been a real nice time working with them. I like the Surfer Squad and was really honoured when they reached out and wanted to work together, but the idea to put who they view as the best in different areas together in these little squads is a pretty cool idea and not something I’ve done with a company before. Especially a brand outside of surfing. It’s neat that we all have these separate lives but we each have our own little squad and it is the things that relate between each of the people on the squad.

It is funny to think that luxury watch brands like Breiting, TAG Heuer and Tudor are all investing in surfing?

Yeah. It’s a funny one, because surfing has been a niche sport for so long. Now, I wouldn’t say it is becoming giant, but the surfing lifestyle is massive around the world. I’ve heard there’s more surfers and golfers in the world and you see what kind of money’s in golf, so that caught me off guard. Most people that surf don’t compete, but most people love the beach around the world so a favourite travel destination is always going to be to get to the beach somewhere.

Why is your label Outerknown such a seamless fit with Breitling?

When I started Outerknown, I wanted to make a brand that was socially compliant with the workers and the factories; to me, that was number one. Alongside that, I wanted to deal with the environmental concerns around making clothes. So we put those at the forefront of our brand and, when Breitling replica watches for sale came to talk about an idea, they were really receptive to working with Outerknown to create a band that was representing recycled fabrics, recycled materials, sustainability, and so that really spoke to me.

The first SuperOcean model dates back to the ’60s – why do you think it remains so popular today?

It’s just simple and classy. There’s no frills on the watch and it looks like classic Breitling. I guess it also pops a little with the colours. In that sense, I don’t need something that just has everything in the world on it. I want something pretty simple and just looks good and gives me the time.

Your latest collab has an orange dial. What’s the story behind that?

Ever since I was born, my dad had this watch with an orange face and it was his favourite watch. He didn’t have a lot of money, but he had a couple best quality fake Breitling watches he loved and he always wore it out surfing and for some reason he decided to get a new watch band and the first day he went surfing he broke it and lost the watch. I remember he got his dive tanks and went and tried to find it at the beach over the next week, but at a sand-bottom beach that’s going to be tough to do. So when we started talking about colours and design and stuff, I said, “Well, I got this memory from my dad,” and they were like, “Oh, that’s cool,” so we just jumped on top of it. When I was young I used to paint my boards orange and green, so that was the inspiration there too.

From Gucci to Doxa, Rolex and Hublot, a lot of watchmakers are experimenting with pops of colour more than ever. Did you have this in mind when designing this watch?

I wasn’t even thinking about trends or anything like that, it just so happens that that’s happening at the same time, which worked out for us. But I guess people who are looking for a certain style and are able to afford China Breitling replica watches or luxury items, they probably want to have a little bit of a quiver, like I have of surfboards. Have a little different colour, a little different purpose for each occasion. For me, my surfboards, I’m going to ride a completely different board based on size and conditions of waves, so for some people the watch is the same way. A quiver of watches, there you go.

The new Swiss made fake Breitling Superocean collection watches is available in four sizes (46, 44, 42 and 36mm), with three different case metals—steel, steel-gold and bronze. It’s water resistant to 300m, features broad hands and indexes coated in Super-LumiNova and its automatic Breitling Caliber 17 comes with a two-year warranty and an approximate 38-hour power reserve. The two strap options (a sporty rubber and a new three-row metal bracelet) have a folding clasp.