Tissot’s new COSC-certified automatic Powermatic 80.111 Caliber Replica Watches UK

Tissot’s new COSC-certified automatic Powermatic 80.111 caliber replica watch is a major step toward improving the traditional approach to ladies’ mechanical watchmaking. The new movement is used in the Tissot Ballade, a 32mm ladies’ classic watch that is priced at under $1,000, proof once and for all that buying a high-luxury or over-decorated timepiece is not the only option for women who want a top-quality mechanical ladies’ wristwatch.

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There are a couple of problems inherent in making mechanical movements for ladies’ watches. Because of size restrictions, very few have a seconds hand and are therefore not COSC certified. It is also hard to get a long power reserve because of restrictions on barrel size and the lack of space for a second barrel. Size does matter for the ladies’ market because, despite the U.S. preference for larger sizes, the Asian market has always been a big consideration in designing ladies’ collections, and in that market, smaller sizes are the norm. Tissot’s new family of Powermatic 80 movements changes all that somewhat.

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The Powermatic 80.111 is something of a milestone because it is a mechanical movement created for a ladies’ watch and because it is an exceptional movement, with high precision – COSC certified – and an 80-hour power reserve, compared to the standard 42. This is achieved with a proprietary mechanical system that reduces the consumption of energy. Accuracy and power reserve are enhanced by an adjustable balance wheel – which is regulated for greater precision – and a longer mainspring. The longer mainspring was made possible by making Tissot cheap fake watches UK thinner and by reducing the diameter of the barrel-arbor’s core. Thus, the longer mainspring – and its accompanying longer power reserve – coils into a barrel that did not have to be increased to take up more space.